When arts combine to form bridges. I'm entranced. EVES celebrates creative alchemy: the coming together of multiple talents to produce a work of art.

This project EVES combined wearable sculptures with the photography of Alex Korolkovas. The art director Lara Gerin invited supermodels Mari Malek, the founder of Stand For Education, an organization seeking to empower underprivileged children through education and arts with a focus on girls in South Sudan; and Diandra Forrest, an ambassador for Salif Keita’s Global Foundation, an international network dedicated to raising awareness about albinism and its associated issues.

The project title - EVES - alludes to how creation was achieved by the coming together of two people to become whole.

Alex Korolkovas' photographs document and expand on how my pieces become one with the body, like physical attributes.

More images from the project are HERE

Here is a video made of the photoshoot.