The historic Basilica of Saint Gereon in the center of Cologne, Germany, invites artist Jacques Jarrige to imagine and create an original body of work to be exhibited throughout the church for its Lent and Easter season 2024. After his acclaimed Lent and Easter 2022 installation of a large Christ sculpture hanging at the crossing of the Cathedral Saint John the Divine in New York Jacques Jarrige pursues his exploration of the sacred. From February 14th until May 5th, 2024, it is in Cologne, Germany that the Roman Basilica of Saint Gereon will host 10 site specific works in addition to the Christ previously shown. All created in aluminum the work examines Light both as enlightenment and reflection.

The transformative power of the sculptures is as potent for the viewers as it was for Jacques Jarrige as he was creating them. It is the surrendering to the unexpected and to something beyond him and cannot be mastered that he diligently recorded in real time in each of the sculptures. This vulnerable experience and humble openness to look and search is palpable.

“My Pieta is not that of Michelangelo, but I hope that the discovery made while sculpting, which fulfilled me in my slightness, that the stir that I have experienced will reach those who view it.”
Living and working in Paris, Jarrige rejects a purely decorative approach, engaging
in ongoing experiments with humble raw materials and forms. His meditative process consists of the repetitive hammering of aluminum, rendering it luminous. The artist comments, “Here the process reveals the mystery of the light of Christ who is often referred to as the light of the world.”
Dominik Meiering who invited Jacques to exhibit in this church comments: “When we try to explain your art these words come to mind: light, movement, dynamic, abstract …it is non-figurative and at the same time there are figurative illusions.”